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Blair, NE, Homeowner and Property Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance: The Most Economical Way to Secure Your Possessions.

If you need property or homeowners insurance in Blair, NE you are in great hands with Eric Luebbe! A house is usually one of the most significant investments people ever make. Equity is often the foundation for your long-term financial security. Homeowners insurance provides assistance should an unforeseen accident or act of nature put your home at risk. You can’t foresee the future, but with our homeowner’s insurance, you can protect your Blair home and possessions.


Disasters Take Many Forms: Very few are predictable:

A disaster can happen without notice, and your loss will exceed your ability to recover if you don’t have a solid plan. In Nebraska, we have experienced major storm disasters. Lighting, windstorms, fire, and hail can create damage that can compromise your lifestyle and finances. A well-designed homeowners insurance policy can make a difference. For example, a flood inside your home will be covered differently than damage from the outside.


Items Not Covered On Your Standard Homeowners Policy

Earthquakes, sinkholes, sump pumps, sewer, septic backups, or broken water pipes in the home are not covered in a standard homeowners policy, as well as home maintenance and wear and tear. Therefore, additional coverage will be needed to defray your costs should an event occur. Eric Luebbe offers residents of Blair personal property insurance, protecting one in cases of water damage, theft, fire, ect.


Could you pay the difference between what your insurance company will pay and the repair and replacement costs should a claim arise if disaster strikes?

  1. Actual Cost Value (ACV) vs. Replacement Value (RV): The wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. An experienced agent who takes the time to learn your needs will explain the difference and show you how a little more on the cost of a policy can save you thousands on replacing your damaged possessions.
  2. Most policies cover dwellings but not detached structures. Extended coverage is necessary to cover a detached structure.
  3. Personal belongings are protected but only up to policy limits. Additional coverage protects expensive jewelry or art collections and high-end electronics.
  4. Would you be protected if your home became uninhabitable?  If there is a fire or flood, will it pay for a place to live temporarily or for an extended period of time?
  5. Suppose someone falls or is hurt on your property. In that case, will liability insurance protect you from being personally responsible for their medical bills?
  6. Different types of homes need specialized policies. A condo is different from single housing. A second home requires different coverage than one you may rent.
  7. Flood insurance is available through the National Flood Insurance Program.


Umbrella Policies:

You may be in a situation where you need a blanket policy to protect your business or a large estate.

A personal relationship with an agent is paramount to having comprehensive coverage.

Eric Luebbe provides the Blair community with homeowner and property insurance policies that are designed to fit your specific needs. Our team can structure a comprehensive policy that addresses your unique homeowner’s insurance requirements. In addition, our agents are continuously trained and apprised of industry trends and best practices, and as conditions change, we advise you on the best ways to protect your most significant investments and the contents within.

We offer plans to bundle home, auto, and business to save you even more.

For comprehensive coverage unique to your needs, speak to an agent who understands the area of Blair, NE—and you. Contact Eric Luebbe Insurance today and request a quote!