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Fremont, NE Contractor Insurance Guide

Independent workers in Fremont, NE have many different contractor insurance needs depending upon the industry they specialize in and how they conduct their day-to-day activities. Your insurance agent must be well-educated in the requirements of your specific industry to ensure you have the right contractor insurance in Fremont, NE. A personal relationship with you can make all the difference.

Contractor insurance can be confusing in Fremont, NE. At Eric Luebbe Insurance, we have agents who specialize in specific industries, and we can customize your policy to provide the exact coverage you need. It can be devastating if you don’t have the proper coverage when you need it. A residential plumber will have vastly different requirements than a plumber on a large commercial construction project. An electrician will have different insurance needs than a painter, and a qualified agent will tailor a policy to provide the best protection at the best value. Contractors are faced with a multitude of insurance requirements. Below, we take a look at some of these.

Contractor’s General Liability
General liability insurance is one of the most critical coverages because it covers liability risks that can arise from a third party being hurt onsite. The proper liability insurance in Fremont can expand to cover other areas as well.

Completed Operations Insurance
This essential protection is often omitted from general liability policies. Completed operations insurance covers claims that may occur after the project is finished that resulted because of work your company performed that resulted in property damage or loss.

Workers Compensation
Workers compensation insurance protects your Fremont, NE employees. This is often the costliest part of a Nebraska contractor’s insurance policy. Rates vary based on the trade among other factors, including the value of the contract.

Vehicle and Equipment Insurance
Vehicle and equipment insurance covers work vehicles and equipment and is necessary to protect your company in case a worker has an accident or a third party harms or damages your property. You will also need this type of coverage for your onsite tools and equipment in case they are vandalized or stolen.

Errors and Omissions
Errors and omissions insurance is designed for claims that may arise from failure to perform required procedures or for unforeseen issues that may arise in daily operations.

Property Insurance
If you own or rent an office or use a job site where you keep your equipment and vehicles, you will need liability insurance as well as property insurance. Property insurance covers the structure and the property.

Pollution Coverage
This type of coverage is relatively new, but with recent changes in the industry, pollution coverage is becoming more common. Claims may arise because of the creation of anything from dust to hazardous materials, and any issue that arises because your Fremont, NE company’s pollution impacted another individual or organization can affect your company unless you have the right coverage.

Be sure the insurance company you choose for your contractor insurance in Fremont, NE can comply with the needs specific to your industry’s unique requirements. The scope of contractor insurance is broad, and each trade has precise needs depending on the type of project, the overall price of the contract, the type of workers they hire or subcontract, and more. From completed operations insurance to workers compensation insurance in Fremont, NE Eric Luebbe Insurance can help your custom insurance needs.

Eric Luebbe Insurance has more than 15 years of experience in Fremont, NE and can provide the most comprehensive contractor insurance policy customized to your needs. Contact us today for a free quote or a review of your existing policy to be sure you are fully protected and are receiving the best value.